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Chiropractic and our Children
Because of its effectiveness in treating back pain, many people think of chiropractic solely for that purpose, although it is actually a science of restoring wellness to the entire body.

Children respond very well to chiropractic treatment as their muscles are less tense than adults. They also hold their adjustments longer, as their bodies have not developed a habit of conforming to misalignments. However with all the falls and tumbles that most children go through, it's a good idea for them to have periodic chiropractic checkups.

Do new born babies need adjustments too?

Newborn babies get adjusted too, because the birth trauma and the delivery can cause a child's first subluxation.

Dr. Sylvester has been specifically trained to locate and adjust vertebral subluxation in new borns and children of all ages. He has been adjusting his daughter since she was 2 days old.

Early chiropractic evaluation helps insure that the child's health, growth and development is not impeded by spinal problems.


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